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Potassium cyanide, a chemical Known as KCN, it is a white, odorless, and highly poisonous crystalline salt. Potassium cyanide is similar to sodium cyanide. It has a potassium ion and a cyanide ion. This compound dissolves in water and has extreme toxicity.

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how does cyanide kill you

Cyanide is deadly, but the lethal dose varies depending on the exposure route, dosage, and duration. Inhalation is the most dangerous, followed by ingestion. Skin contact with cyanide combined with DMSO can be fatal, although it is the least dangerous method of exposure. The lethal dose also depends on the cyanide compound and other factors such as age, health, and food in the stomach.


Is there a Treatment for Cyanide Poisoning?

Cyanide is a poison often found in nature, but the body can remove small doses of it. Eating apple seeds or breathing in cyanide from cigarette smoke usually doesn’t cause death.

When someone uses cyanide as a poison or chemical weapon, doctors determine treatment based on the amount ingested. Inhalation of a high dose of cyanide proves lethal too swiftly for any treatment to be effective. Immediate first aid for inhaled cyanide involves relocating the affected individual to fresh air.

If someone ingests or inhales a small amount of cyanide, antidotes can counteract or bind to it. One such antidote is natural vitamin B12, also known as hydroxocobalamin, which reacts with cyanide to produce cyanocobalamin, subsequently excreted in urine.


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Potassium cyanide is an important chemical molecule used in many industrial operations. It is made up of potassium, carbon, and nitrogen. It is often used in electroplating, metal cleaning, and gold mining, and it is essential to these processes. Remember that potassium cyanide is extremely poisonous, even with its industrial uses. Because it obstructs cellular respiration, even minute amounts of it are deadly.

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